The Geographical Turn

This website introduces and records the work of The Geographical Turn project. The project is funded by the Irish Research Council as part of its ‘New Foundations: Enhancing Knowledge Exchange,’ a set of initiatives to encourage knowledge transfer between academic and applied contexts. The Geographical Turn asks how geographers and artists might learn from their separate exploration of the common themes of space, place, and environment. These are the key themes of Geography. They also resonate with the central political concerns of our time, the geographical dilemmas of modernity.

The core of the project is a set of collaborations between artists and geographers. The symposium is in Dublin on 6 November (Royal Irish Academy) and 7 November (Gallery of Photography). The programme is now available. To book for Friday go here, and for Saturday go here. The conference handbook is here.

Image, Glas Journal 2015, © Silvia Loeffler 2015. Used with thanks to the artist.

The Geographical Turn is funded by the Irish Research Council and supported by the Royal Irish Academy, the Space&Place Research Collaborative, and Maynooth University Geography Department.

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